What Is Permaculture Farm?

In simple words, permaculture farm is a type of permanent agriculture farm wherein efforts are made to create a type of sustainable land that remains still over a long extensive stretch of time. It involves designing of the farm land according to the nearby climate where in the owner of the farm first carefully studies the environment and then based on it starts designing the farm. This creates a type of biological ecosystem where in there are varieties of trees and living organisms, contributing to create a sustainable experience. Once a Permaculture farm is ready, the owner of the farm can obtain considerably increased amount of productivity.

Let us consider one of the famous Permaculture farm in Haryana which is “Aanandaa the Permaculture Farm”, located on the foothills of Morni hills in Haryana. The owner of this farm shares very useful information required to set up a permaculture farm. Initially the owner was not in farming business, after retirement the couple decided to come back to their native place i.e. Haryana and start a farming business. Back in 2011 monsoon, they first started their farming career. A point to be noted is when they started farming the land was a wasteland, there was nothing planted on the land. But after 8 to 9 years, back in 2020 they have around 120 different varieties of plants, vegetables and crops grown in their permaculture farm.

The land where they have set up their farm is sloppy in nature. Many farmers do not consider sloppy land for agriculture, this according to the owner of Aanandaa Farm is a big mistake. The reason behind this is sloppy land provides a good flow of water all over the area increasing flexibility to manage and harness the flow of water which is troublesome in case of flat land.

For more information related to permaculture farming, please check out the video below: