Tuberose Package of Practice

Varieties :

Single: Calcutta Single, Coimbatore Single, Bangalore Single, Shringar, Prajwal Double: Hyb-Suvasini, Vaibhav, Pearl double

Soil :

Fertile well drained clay loam soil

Propagation :

Bulbs (1,00,000 bulbs/ha) planted in 10m x 1.5m beds. For 1 year crop- 2-3 bulbs/hill, for 3 year crop-1 bulb/hill

Spacing :

30 cm x 20 cm

Time of planting :

Provided irrigation on need basis.

Manure and fertilizer :

FYM 50 t/ha, Neem cake-4.0 q/ha N 300 kg/ha P2O5 200 kg/ha K2O 200 kg/ha

Basal :

Full P2O5 , K20 and 1/3rd N

Top dressing :

1/3rd N after 30 DAP 1/3rd N after 60-90 DAP

Interculture :

Weeding at monthly interval and light earthing up at two month stage.

Yield :

50q loose flowers/ha or 2.5 lakh spikes/ha