Tomato Package of Practice

Varieties :

Utkal Pallavi, Utkal Deepti, Utkal Kumari, Utkal Urbashi, Shakti, Utkal Shravani, Punjab Chhuara.

Hybrid :

Rajni, Jyoti and Rahul, Surakha, Avinash, Pusa Hyb-1, Arjun,Payal, Rashmi.

Soil :

Well drained high land

Adaptation :

Hilly areas of Koraput, Phulbani and Keonjhar districts

Land preparation :

Plough the land three to four times

Time of sowing :

2 nd week of May to Ist week of June

Planting :

Transplant 21 days old seedlings.

Seed rate :

500 g/ha

Seed treatment :

Treat the seeds with Thiram 3 g or Captan 3 g or Mancozeb 2.5 g/kg of seeds

Spacing :

60 x 45 cm

Method of planting :

Planting on ridges of 30 cm width

Manure :

FYM @ 20 t/ha

Fertilizer :

120:50:100 kg N: P2O5:K2O/ha

Basal :

Full P2O5 + 20% each of N and K2O Apply Borax @ 15 kg/ha in alternate years at final land preparation.

First top dressing :

40% each of N and K2O at 3 weeks after planting

Second top dressing :

40% each of N and K2O at 5 weeks after planting

Interculture :

Two hoeing, weeding, topdressing and earthing up

Harvesting :

Harvest the fruits at the turning stage for better storage and marketing.

Average Yield :

20 tonnes/ha