This Farmer In Gujarat Is Earning Rs 10 Lakh Annually By Practicing Organic Farming Methods.

Introducing  Jaimin Patel, from Kavitha village in Bharuch district of Gujarat practicing organic farming for the last 7 consecutive years. Over the years of experience he is now generating a net income of Rs 10 Lakhs through his organic farming business. The variety of products he grows in his farm includes a dozen of fruits and vegetables which are supplied to customers across 4 to 5 states.

The most interesting part of Jaimin’s story is that he has completed engineering in computer science and has worked as a senior level manager for an IT based firm for 7 years. Initially he had no plan for quitting his job and starting a farming business. All this started in 2011, when a close friend of Jaimin working on a Polyhouse project forced him to join the project. Right from the first visit, he changed his mind and was interested learning more about the business.

Jaimin started his research right away and visited more than 7 states to gain the necessary information about the Polyhouse and organic farming. This changed his life and now Jaimin is recognized as a celebrity farmer all over Gujarat.

This business has also generated employment opportunities, employing more than 10 people presently connecting Jaimin’s business to over 200 farmers.

The reason for sharing Jaimin’s story is to reveal the fact that there are enormous opportunities in practicing new farming techniques, thereby increasing the net profits raised through embracing them.

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